The Business Technology Career Center, Inc. provides direct services to dislocated, unemployed, displaced, and underemployed residents in the Washington, D.C. community. More specifically, the organization will introduce individuals to resources that will educate and train them to obtain permanent employment (using technology, face-to-face, mobile, and electronic modalities). The center also helps employers by training workers to meet their needs.

Our mission is to place each client in the highest quality job in the shortest period of time, while treating residents with respect and dignity. We take a one-on-one approach to matching qualified employees with qualified employers in the DC metro area. BTCC uses state-of-the art technology to assist all customers with diminishing public resources, while covering all of the District of Columbia residents with a robust technology system and live career counselors that will increase employment outcomes.

By integrating, entrepreneurial services focused on self-employment within the Washington, D.C. low-moderate-to-high income community, a business technology career center, will enable thousands of unemployed, underemployed, and displaced job seekers to grow their skills, increase wealth and attain longer term self-sufficiency. Given the growth of social media in recent years, it was deemed appropriate to see if sentiments toward social media, and mobile technologies, had changed, and most especially, to document whether technology is being employed by state and local career centers.

BTCC, Innovation plan describes new models of delivering career services and learning in which job applicants and career counselors are virtually connected to one another, to workshop attendees, and to a variety of resources that maximize opportunities for anytime-anywhere learning.

The District of Columbia low-income wards (6, 7, and 8) will be given the opportunity to obtain the skills training and education that will enable them to find stable jobs in the modern labor force and work their way into the middle class. The initial goal is to increase awareness in the latest technology; provide career and technical education in industry based certifications. BTCC fully integrated system goes well beyond the typical career services by providing online preliminary eligibility for multiple workforce programs, vigorous staff support and assistance through well trained Master’s level career counselors, and the use of traditional and state-of-the-art tools including social media, slide share, chat line, email, text, face time, and video conferencing to name a few.

“New Dimension of Work Performance”

BTCC “new dimension of work performance” primary focus is the conditions of work and the impact of constant change and uncertainty. The Changing workforce – a by now litany of economic, demographic, organizational, and social change has made ambiguity the only certainty in work life. In this era of organizational restructuring and technological change, individuals can no longer plan on spending their entire working lives with one organization. Life no longer follows a linear path; schooling, work, and retirement – career paths, are no longer a linear rise up the ladder to the top. BTCC approach the “new rules of work,” everyone is self-employed and the concept of “job” is disappearing. Such fundamental changes mean that people need more help than ever with career issues.

BTCC deal with an extremely heterogeneous population who are at vastly different stages of life.  Our clients’ career issues are complicated by family responsibilities and work and life experiences that color their attitudes, values, and decisions. Some may have already made the decision to change, have a great deal of self-knowledge, and need information or assistance in coping with the new context of job search. Others may have drifted into their jobs with little planning or guidance, have difficulty making decisions, and lack awareness of their skills, abilities, and interests. Some may be self-directed learners who just need to be pointed in the right direction; others may want to be given the answer to their career conundrum in a structured way. BTCC has a new approach to be available, anytime, anywhere – with a gentle approach, to guide adults’ clients mining their life experience as a source of career information.