Innovation Technology Driven

BTCC Career Services will use state-of-the art advanced technology to assist all customers with accessing consistent online services across multiple programs. The intent of the project is to serve more customers with diminishing public resources, while covering all of the District of Columbia Residents with a Robust online system and live career counselors that will increase positive employment outcomes. The fully integrated strategy goes well beyond the typical services by providing preliminary eligibility for multiple workforce programs, vigorous staff support and assistance through well-trained career counselors, and the use of the traditional and state-of-the arts tools including mobile, email, chat line, video conferencing, and electronic modalities. As a result, BTCC will effectively serve more people with fewer resources and reduce its carbon footprint, while providing all of the key activities and services for today’s career seeker.

Why Choose us?

BTCC takes a “high tech“mobile” online” approach and offers you:

  • The ability to meet face-to-face either in person or using mobile technology.
  • Career services with permanent, highly trained and experienced staff that doesn’t charge fees.
  • Leverage technology to allow us to take a personalized approach to meeting your specific needs. For example, if you can’t come to us, we’ll go to your location and meet with you there.
  • We research the best schools and programs available based on your specific needs and goals. Then we, recommend the best course of action for you according to your needs and budget.
  • Ensure you stay with the same counselor.
  • Non-traditional hours
  • Provide more “face-to-face” time than similar services.
  • We are immediately available to meet with you and provide a quick turnaround in getting approvals and request fulfilled. In other words, there isn’t a lot of paperwork and “red tape”.
  • BTCC is a local provider with highly educated workers, dedicated to assist dislocated workers on a low, medium, to highly skilled level in the District of Columbia.

What Makes Us Different?

On the surface it may seem like all career services agencies are the same. But they’re not. If you look a bit further, you’ll soon discover that BTCC services provides a number of job training and retraining programs and services to job seekers, that other similar services don’t.

One-on-one approach:

As a full service counseling agency our mission is to place each client in the highest quality job in the shortest period of time, while treating you with respect and dignity. We take a one-on-one approach to matching qualified employees with qualified employers in the DC metro area.

We offer Workforce Development in several dimensions, including:

  • On site, mobile Job Training
  • Assessment, Career Planning
  • Research and Data Sources
  • Public Short-courses
  • Library Career Resources